Jayne's Dream of Going the Distance

Mar 30 2018

Jayne Smith

Recently we asked you what your dream is. We asked you to share that one ambition you’ve always wanted to realise but is just out of reach - and what’s stopped you from pursuing it. The response we got was amazing. Thank you.

The stories so many of you shared of how you’ve kept chasing your dream no matter what obstacles you faced along the way really inspired us. We don’t want it to end there either – please keep in touch via our Facebook page and let us know what happened next!

In the meantime, let us tell you about one of your fellow everyday battlers, Jayne Smith, whose story resonated with us so deeply that we selected her as the winner of our Dream Enablement competition and decided to give her a little bit of extra help en route to chasing her personal dream.

She’s always dreamed of testing her mental and physical resolve to the limit. To prove to herself she’s strong enough to go the distance. How? Inspired at a young age by the achievements of double Olympic champion decathlete, Daley Thompson, and the way he shined in all ten of the events, Jayne tried a variety of sports before she found the one for her: triathlon.

I remember so clearly watching Daley at the Olympics and seconds after seeing him win his first gold I went and got my tracksuit on and went for a run, totally inspired.
Jayne Smith ,

Then disaster struck when Jayne suffered a serious knee injury aged 17. Several surgeries later, and still in pain, Jayne started to lack the confidence, support and expert guidance she needed to stay on track. A true battler, she wasn’t going to be held back for long though and she found a way to stay active. She kept swimming and cycling, and she pursued a career as an outdoor instructor. Running was still a challenge though.

Daley Thomspon and Jayne Smith

Having read her story and seen her iron will to persevere no matter what, Bridgestone was determined to help her overcome that last hurdle to achieving her dream of competing in and finishing a long-distance triathlon. Jayne had a little help from our Chase Your Dream, No Matter What ambassador her hero Daley Thompson too! How exactly did we help her? Watch her story to find out, and to keep up with Jayne’s journey, follow Bridgestone’s social channels.