Conquering 60 with Daley Thompson

Aug 13 2018

climbing Snowdon with a group of 60+ year olds

Double Olympic gold medallist, Daley Thompson, turned 60 in July 2018. While most people would celebrate with a party, maybe even a cake, our ambassador celebrated the momentous occasion by taking on an exciting new challenge, climbing Snowdon with a group of 60+ year olds to show that age is merely a number and shouldn’t be a barrier to achieving new goals in life.

Group of 60 brave participants

Daley invited people from all over the country, assembling a group of 60 brave participants for the climb up one of the UK’s tallest peaks.

The group, all with their own individual motivations to take part, started the the day’s challenge at the Pen-y-Pass. There were some who had never climbed Snowdon, some who had completed it 50 years prior, but not ventured back since, some struggling with a fear of heights, an injury, or a health condition.

However, they all had two things in common – being over 60 years old, and possessing an unwavering determination to face the challenge they’ve set themselves and chase their dream of reaching the summit.

With the support of Daley, a team of mountain guides, and each other, they set off to conquer the mountain and prove that age should not stop you from pursuing new dreams.

group of 60 brave participants climbing up one of the UK’s tallest peaks

This grassroots event was hosted as a part of Bridgestone UK’s Chase Your Dream, No Matter What campaign, which seeks to inspire everyday battlers to share their dream and chase it, no matter what. To keep up with the campaign, follow Bridgestone UK’s social channels.

To find out more about Daley Thompson’s inspiring story, watch his video here.