Chase Your Dream No Matter What

Mar 09 2017

Daley Thompson

Bridgestone UK are pleased to celebrate becoming an official TOP Worldwide Olympic Partner with the launch of our pan-European campaign, Chase Your Dream, No Matter What with the help of our ambassadors. Below, they reveal the obstacles they overcame in order to achieve sporting success.

We have engineered the campaign to champion Bridgestone’s elite team of UK ambassadors and their extraordinary determination to fulfil their sporting dreams and reach Olympic success.

Their struggles and accomplishments embody Bridgestone’s objective to keep our customers safe, assured and on track, however demanding their journey might be. Remember, our tyres are rigorously engineered to perform their best when our patrons need them most.

Campaign ambition

When explaining the ambition of the Campaign, our North European Region Managing Director, Robin Shaw, said: “It aims to inspire people of all ages, abilities and passions to find the strength to chase their dreams and overcome any obstacles they face on life’s journey”.

Through the inspirational stories of our ambassadors and campaign we want to motivate all people to strive, overcome adversity, and reach their final destination, however big or small their dreams might be.

Ambassadors and their role

Daley Thompson

Bridgestone UK has handpicked three outstanding Team GB Olympians - each with inspirational stories of fighting adversity - to spearhead Chase Your Dream, No Matter What.

Daley Thompson

Athletics legend Daley Thompson, the only decathlete to ever win two Olympic gold medals, had to overcome poverty, the pitfalls of a broken home, and racial discrimination to become one of the greatest athletes in British sporting history:

You have to believe in yourself, believe that you’ll beat the obstacles in front of you, whether it’s your background or the other athletes you’re up against…
Daley Thompson ,

View Daley’s story here

Chris Mears

Chris Mears

26-year-old diver Chris Mears overcame personal loss and a life-threatening illness to fulfil his Olympic dream, and win gold at the Olympic Games Rio 2016:
A positive mental attitude, not only in sport but I think just generally in life, is a person's biggest strength. I’m definitely a fighter. I have that spirit within me.
Chris Mears ,

View Chris’ story here

“The positive attitudes of these ambitious Olympians, whatever challenges life has thrown at them, make them excellent role models for anyone with a dream and we’re proud that they have and do represent Team GB,” said Team GB Chief Executive Officer Bill Sweeney. “It’s great to see a successful global organisation like Bridgestone come on board as a TOP Olympic partner. Their Chase Your Dream, No Matter What campaign is a great opportunity to bring the spirit of their brand to life through this partnership”.

Future events

Bridgestone UK has partnered with the European Tour to create a calendar of events that will inspire golfers of all levels to chase their dreams, no matter what.

Bridgestone and England Golf will deliver the Bridgestone Chase Your Dream Trophy, offering up and coming golfers the chance to play at the British Masters.

In addition, Bridgestone will create a series of unique grassroots events, hosted by a Chase Your Dream, No Matter What ambassador, leading up to the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 to inspire everyday people to overcome their own obstacles and chase their dreams, no matter what.

For 85 years, Bridgestone has been driven by its motto, “serving society with superior quality”. It is within the company’s DNA to support people to stay safe, stay on track and achieve their goals, whatever the conditions. This is the inspiration for the Chase Your Dream, No Matter What campaign.