The Perfect Match

By Mike van Cleven

Apr 04 2018

A close-up of the BMW R NineT with Bridgestone bike tyres

What happens when an expert builder and a former MotoGP racer tear up a BMW R NineT in search of the perfect match? In short: fireworks. The Perfect Match documents MotoGP rider Jeremy McWilliams and Tom Konecny from Diamond Atelier (a custom bike shop) and their collaborative approach to creating a motorcycle that is every bit as beautiful as it is dominant on the racetrack.

Episode 1 - Building speed

MotoGP rider Jeremy McWilliams and Tom Konecny from Diamond Atelier work hard to give the viewer a slightly longer answer and show the battle between form and function. Diamond Atelier prides itself on designing unique motorcycles, but until a professional driver has never tested their bikes before.They’re in for a shock when McWilliams gives them his unsalted opinion.

Expect a story in which the racer tells the builder what he wants in suspension and geometry. Expect this builder to face the challenge of meeting expectations, while staying true to his original design. There will be blood, too. Sweat. Gears. Bike tyres. And a sensational smile when they pull it off. That is... if they can.

Episode 2 - Racecraft

Build. Race. Modify. Repeat: This is the process McWilliams, and Diamond Atelier put into practice to find the perfect match between aesthetics and performance when building the BMW R NineT. But will they pull it off? McWilliams takes the lead and is not afraid to touch the sore spots. From the placing of his feet to the right bike tyres, he is looking for perfection.

A MotoGP racer has needs, wants and desires for a bike. But the eye does too. In this final episode of The Perfect Match, we’ll find out if the fastest motorcycle is also its most beautiful one. Or, if not, how we can rhyme speed with beauty to create the most efficient and jaw-dropping motorbike.