Jeremy McWilliams races for third win at 2018 Northwest 200

By Fabio Verhelst

Jul 26 2018

2018 Northwest 200

Former MotoGP rider and local Irishman Jeremy McWilliams was looking for a hat trick at the 2018 North West 200, after winning the top podium spot on two earlier occasions. We got behind the scenes of the race to learn more about McWilliams, the dangers of racing and what makes the Northwest 200 such a prestigious competition.


Jeremy McWilliams’ racing career began at the age of 23, but he didn’t start racing Moto GP until he was 29. Now he’s one of the most experienced riders on the Northern Irish roads, giving it all he’s got to be the first one to push his motorbike tyres across the finish line at the 2018 Northwest 200.

Although he has two NorthWest 200 titles under his belt, McWilliams is humble and not overly confident or arrogant. Instead, he’s cautious of the other talents on the road and knows it’s never safe to bet on an easy win.

Jeremy McWilliams’ motorbike tyres turning a corner at the 2018 Northwestern 200

Third time’s a charm

Any motorcycle race is nerve-wracking for McWilliams’ family, but probably even more so when it comes to the Northwest 200. Set in Northern Ireland amongst the Giant’s Causeway, this is one of the top motorcycle road races in the world and known for its unique circuit and high speeds.

But the former MotoGP rider’s family is familiar with the stress and dangers that come with racing, and they trust McWilliams will always make the best decision while on the track. But that doesn’t mean he’ll shy away from a few measured risks to get the win.

Will he come out on top? Or will he have to hold on for another year to reach a triple victory? Watch the video to find out.

An image of Jeremy McWilliams in front of the crowd at Northwest 200