Gripping Stories Episode 5 - Yamaha YART

By Fabio Verhelst

Jul 26 2018

A motorcyclist is driving on the road through a small Austrian village

On a bike, you don’t just go from A to B. You float from story to story. There are gems to be found in every mile. Every bend. Every smile. With Gripping Stories, we aim to capture these moments and share them with the world.

These bikes are no pushovers. They are the cage fighters of the racing world. And at Yamaha YART, their pedigrees reach world-class status.
Rik van Gerwen , Bridgestone motorcycle racer

Austria is a biker's paradise, and Rik van Gerwen is making the most of his last days in the country by meeting the motorcycle maniacs who live the dream every day. One of these maniacs is Mandy Kainz, a former motorcycle racer and current manager of premiere endurance racing team, Yamaha YART.

Kainz began his career first as a racer. He had a few big crashes, but these accidents didn't sideline him for long. It was his passion for the sport which led him back to the racing scene to put together a team of his own.

What began as a garage project 18 years ago, the Yamaha YART racing team is now a large company supported by some of today’s leading brands in the world of tyres, motorbikes and more. In that time, the team has also established itself within the racing world as an experienced group that knows what it takes to reach the top of the endurance racing food chain.

Kainz takes van Gerwen behind the scenes at the team’s state-of-the-art headquarters where they house their powerful endurance motorbikes. He also meets the mechanics bringing all the pieces of the puzzle together. From picking out the best performing tyres to other high-quality parts, we learn it takes time and dedication to craft a winning motorbike.

It’s the mechanics and hard work of dedicated team members that ensure the Yamaha YART racers can perform at their best. Even Bridgestone is part of the story, as the team relies on Bridgestone tyres to top the podium for some of the world’s biggest races, including the FIM Endurance World Championship.

But behind every great bike, is a talented driver covered in leather. Here van Gerwen jumps from tailor-made motorbikes to lederhosen and meets a local tailor who makes traditional dress wear. He dons his lederhosen with pride before heading back to the road to finish up his otherworldly experience.