Gripping Stories Episode 2 - Mediterranean Roads

By Fabio Verhelst

May 11 2018

Bea Gonzales Eguiraun looking at a sunset in Barcelona, Spain

On a bike, you don’t just go from A to B. You float from story to story. There are gems to be found in every mile. Every bend. Every smile. With Gripping Stories, we aim to capture these moments and share them with the world.

Maybe the mind of a multi-marathon athlete is similar to one of an experienced motorcyclist. There is the moment. The mindfulness. The peace. There is the urge to go farther, faster.
Bea Gonzales Eguiraun , Bridgestone motorcycle rider


Episode two begins with Bea Gonzales Eguiraun, cruising from central Spain to the Mediterranean coast. Along the way, she takes frequent stops to bask in the scenery and appreciate the peaceful atmosphere and solitude of the smaller villages nestled away from the coast. It’s during one of these stops at a local butcher shop she learns how the relaxed pace of life in this region shapes not only the people and culture but the livestock — hence why this part of Spain is known for its delicious meat. After a hearty barbeque, Eguiraun is back on the road travelling through a dreamy and dramatic landscape. With Montserrat looming in the background, she relies on the power of her Bridgestone tyres to conquer the Spanish roads to reach her next destination: Barcelona.

After arriving in the city, Eguiraun is sitting on a bench and enjoying the view of a nearby cathedral when she meets illustrator and visual storyteller, Cristina Daura. Although Daura works for many prominent publications, her artistic vision is far from conventional. She often finds inspiration for her work directly from El Raval, a vibrant and chaotic neighbourhood in Barcelona. She takes pride in the work she creates with local shops, including a clothing line that shows the many different sides of El Raval.

We also meet Héctor Ayuso, an accomplished Ultraman athlete, who pushes his body to the limits during gruelling racing, biking and swimming competitions. It’s here we discover a connection between the mindset of a triathlete and an experienced motorcyclist. Both activities bring a sense of mindfulness, peace and solitude, but also the need to push oneself further than ever before.