Gripping Stories Episode 1 - Training Champions

By Fabio Verhelst

May 11 2018

Bea Gonzales Eguiraun watches riders at KSB Sport, a riding school in Valencia

On a bike, you don’t just go from A to B. You float from story to story. There are gems to be found in every mile. Every bend. Every smile. With Gripping Stories, we aim to capture these moments and share them with the world. Join us as we take a ride through Europe on Bridgestone tyres to learn how the open road connects us all.

Valencia is the birthplace of a lot of talent we see in racing. Every daredevil kid wants to be one of them.
Bea Gonzales Eguiraun , Bridgestone motorcycle rider


Bea Gonzales Eguiraun is a motorcycle enthusiast and eager to share her joy for Spanish culture and driving. The adventure begins with her tyres rolling through Spain’s mountains and valleys before heading to the 2000-year-old seaport city of Valencia. A cultural and historical hub, Valencia is not only the birthplace of paella, it also hosts a rich pool of talent for the motorcycle racing world.

Her first stop is KSB Sport, a riding school where founder Kike Bañuls trains kids as young as four years old how to drive motorcycles and enhance their riding techniques to compete in the big leagues by the age of 13. Most of the participants are competing pilots, with many of them clinching top titles in the LEM, the Spanish Motorcycle League. Although the ground is slick and wet from a fresh rainfall, nothing stops Eguiraun from taking a few spins on the track.

We also meet one of KSB’s premiere pilots, Ivan Ortola. Ortola is a pre-Moto3 rider who, at 12 years old, has all it takes to make it to the big leagues. One of his most impressive achievements is winning all eight races of the 85cc Spanish Championship. A racing fan since he was very young, Ortola has an appreciation for legends, like Ángel Nieto and Valentino Rossi. He’s even adopted Rossi’s ritual of squatting like a frog in his racing suit at the start of every competition.

Just as Ortola is hungry for gold, so is Eguiraun, as she eagerly dives into a plate of paella at the end of the episode.