AX41S tyres on a bespoke scrambler

By Fabio Verhelst

Oct 03 2018

Gunnar Broucke build a custom bike for the Battlax Adventurecross AX41S.

Gunnar Broucke is the man behind Gunnar's House of Custom, a Belgian-based company specialising in tailor-made bikes. Broucke’s next assignment is to develop a bike for a scrambler tyre, the Battlax Adventurecross AX41S, and he can’t wait to dive in and put his soul into the creation process.


On every bike I build for myself is the number 27. I get the feeling I build it (the bike) for myself. I always had (something) for 27. My daughter was born the second of July of 2007. So we have a 2-7 and 2-7. And my wife’s birthday is on the 27th of September. 27 just keeps following me.

I prefer starting with the tyres because that gives you the direction in which style you want to go. They gave us a scrambler tyre. We couldn’t build a race bike around it. I’ve always loved dirt bikes, so for me, it was easy to, you know, inspire myself to see the R90 built into something dirt style. I used to prefer café racers, and now I prefer scramblers because they’re much more comfortable. The way you sit on the bike is so different from a scrambler than with a cafe racer.

To me, a proper scrambler bike is a bike I can drive to work every day and look cool at the same time. For me, it’s very important that as a custom bike builder, you make your own parts. So, you don’t just buy it on the internet. Otherwise, you’re just assembling things and put it together like that. I always try to kind of put my soul into it. It just encourages me and gives me a better feeling. Then you give me a picture, and you say I want this, I will really enjoy doing it because I just want to be creative.

The bike’s going to come on an 18-inch front wheel. We’re going to use a hub from an R90 and a rim from an R100, the older version, but a spoked one.

They don’t look like off-road tyres, but I think you can use them for both, you know you can use them on a gravel road, you can use them on the street, I think it could work for both of them. Yeah, I would take it out on the sand and just go hard with it, or take it near the beach, or something like that. Or just cruise around town with it.