My Speedy helps drivers take better care of their cars

Oct 02 2018

An image of people in a car with a sunset

Bridgestone plans to release a cutting-edge vehicle management app known as My Speedy to drivers across Europe. Initially developed as “Bridgestone Connect,” My Speedy is a connected car solution that aims to enhance drivers’ confidence and bring peace of mind.

My Speedy is a digital tool that helps drivers manage their vehicles better using real-time monitoring to flag and prevent maintenance issues while helping them avoid potentially dangerous incidents that cost both time and money.

The advantages of My Speedy

Insight into vehicle health can be a problem for drivers, as many are unaware about what is really happening underneath the hood of their car. This lack of information can result in unexpected and even dangerous events. My Speedy resolves this issue by providing:

  • Real-time data about crucial vehicle components, such as tyres, brakes, battery, engine oil and default signals
  • An enhanced algorithm to anticipate potential issues before they happen
  • Preventative alerts on a user's smartphone, along with advice about the best course of action to solve the problem
  • A convenient and user-friendly way to book in-store appointments
  • Educational tips and tricks to help users learn basic vehicle maintenance skills

My Speedy shows users the health of their vehicle and gives simple maintenance tips

Understanding and solving drivers' needs

My Speedy is unique as it’s currently the only aftermarket solution available with true prognostic tyre and vehicle maintenance capabilities. The basic solution is free of charge, while some more advanced features are available for a fee.

Bridgestone France first released the app under the 'My Speedy' brand across 20 Speedy stores in September 2018, before rolling it out to the 500 other stores in the My Speedy network. The concept, first developed by Bridgestone, continues to expand across Europe and beyond the Speedy network.

A man uses My Speedy to get real-time updates about his vehicle on his smartphone

Paolo Ferrari, the CEO and President of Bridgestone EMEA, says,

“Within a world and industry in rapid transformation, My Speedy is our answer to make vehicle transparency accessible to everyone - which is an age-old issue for almost every driver - and a way to keep people going, no matter what. Predictive maintenance will play a key role in the future of mobility, and the release of My Speedy is a significant moment on our journey there.”

Visit the App Store or Android Market to download the My Speedy app.