Chris Mears and the Everyday Battlers 2019

The everyday battler team running

If you can overcome this obstacle, what else can you achieve?

Published Jun 19 2019

Meet the Everyday Battlers, 9 courageous people who are taking their first steps towards overcoming the issues that have been holding them back in life.

The Everyday Battlers programme is an intense training course that’s been developed to push each participant outside of their comfort zone and help them overcome obstacles with the aim of completing a 10k race, something they’ve never done before. Along the way, they will be supported by Olympic Games experts, who will teach them techniques to help them to think like an Olympian and grow in mental and physical strength.

Bridgestone Ambassador, Chris Mears - who has overcome a significant obstacle of his own - and his team of Bridgestone mental coaches are on a mission to help more people overcome their obstacles too. If they can achieve something they never thought they’d ever be able to do, who knows what they will go on to do next.

Meet the battlers

Swimmer in open water


No one is born an Olympian. Olympians are made. They are moulded from more than strength and speed, they are made from something else. They express absolute focus on the road to their dreams. For decades we’ve been keeping and recognizing those on track. Whatever their journey, no matter the conditions, this is our passion. So whatever you want to achieve, Olympic glory or an everyday goal, keep going. Stay true. Chase your dream, no matter what.