Bridgestone Europe will again present a strong line-up of off-the-road tyres at Bauma 2013, the international trade fair for construction machinery, building material machines, mining machines, construction vehicles and construction equipment in Munich, Germany, 15th to 21st April.

Bridgestone, located in Hall A6, stand N° 109/206, will present for the first time its Total Tyre Care programme, specially adapted to the needs of OTR fleet operators in their constant battle to maximize performance while minimizing costs.

The aim behind Total Tyre Care is to help customers keep tight control on tyre-related costs through maximizing the life of their fleets’ tyres. The programme therefore is built around three tyre management pillars: Total Tyre Life, Total Tyre Services and Total Tyre Systems.

Total Tyre Life aims to maximize tyre life, thereby reducing tyre cost per hour, through the supply of premium and extremely durable tyres. Bridgestone OTR tyres are recognized for their quality and wide line-up which is able to meet all the requirements of customers worldwide in the mining, construction, highway services and port industries. A selection of recently-launched products and other renowned off-the-road radial tyres, including the world’s largest, will be on display at the Bridgestone booth.

20.5R25 VSDR: the new, extra-deep premium tyre for loaders and dozers

The VSDR is the no.1 pattern for working in harsh conditions such as recycling,

mining and quarrying. Compared to its predecessor (the VSDL), the VSDR offers significant improvement in cut resistance and tyre life, resulting in better cost per hour performance.

875/65R29 VLTS: robust service and traction for articulated dump trucks

The VLTS pattern is specially developed for articulated dump trucks operating on rocky or gravel surfaces in mining yards, quarries and large-scale civil engineering and construction sites. It is recognized for assuring long life, powerful traction and outstanding cut resistance. This recently launched dimension is the ideal product to fit 40- to 50-ton trucks.

26.5R15 VJT: high productivity for wheeled loaders

The VJT radial series is designed for wheeled loaders in construction and general duty applications. In addition to its high stability and ride comfort, the Bridgestone VJT demonstrates minimal vibration at higher speed, making it ideal for ‘load and carry’ operations. Its strong sidewalls provide the stability

necessary for high productivity, while a shoulder protector minimizes damage from cuts and impacts.

600/65R25 VSW: snow and all-season performance for bulldozers and shovels

The VSW pattern has been developed for machines operating in snow, especially in Nordic countries. Its wide contact surface offers exceptional stability and reduced ground pressure for minimal surface damage.

59/80R63 VRF: for giant-sized rigid dump trucks

Surely the eye-catching feature of the Bridgestone display will be the world’s largest off-the-road radial tyre. Weighing 5.2 tons with an impressive 4.02 m diameter, it is especially recommended for high “ton-kilometre per hour” operations.

This outsize model is designed to fit huge 380- to 400-ton rigid dump trucks working in coal and copper mines, and oil sands, all over the world.

Total Tyre Services is the package that keeps the vehicles running at maximum efficiency. It includes everything a fleet needs, from fleet tyre inspections to professional technical advice on keeping tyres in top condition, for maximizing their total tyre life.

“OTR Elite” is a European label developed by Bridgestone for OTR tyre dealers who offer the highest quality of service in this specialised market. It is the guarantee that Bridgestone customers are served by audited tyre specialists with the expertise and equipment to provide the best advice and after-sales support, in order to optimise the performance and life of Bridgestone OTR tyres.

Total Tyre Systems is the third pillar of the programme, designed to give fleet operators clear visibility of their tyres’ condition at all times. The services are backed by a powerful tracking and monitoring tool: Bridgestone’s TMS, an internet-based inspection program that records tyre pressure, condition and tread depth, providing accurate and reliable reports on the entire performance history of the tyres at a glance. TMS allows customers to evaluate tyre life and predict future tyre changes, helping fleet operators to reduce costs and maximize fleet uptime.