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Bridgestone source motocross partnership with Waterman

13 April 2016

Valentino Rossi

Bridgestone is celebrating a major motocross coup after talented European competitor Joshua Waterman agreed to compete on its Battlecross products for the first time, in a joint sponsorship deal with MXR, it was revealed.

As the world’s largest tyre manufacturer continues to gain an enviable reputation for its work in the Bridgestone BSMA National Series, it is making another big impression with a newly forged relationship with the 24 year-old, in partnership with Kidderminster based MXR which will supply and fit the tyres.

Gloucestershire based Joshua is one of the first riders in the AMCA and IMBA series to ride on Bridgestone’s X20, X30 and X40 rubber, in which he hopes to win both championships come the end of the season.

Bridgestone’s sales and training development manager Mark Fereday was delighted to offer him a season’s supply of premium product with Kevin Thornton at MXR, which he believed would represent a significant breakthrough for the brand in both the AMCA and IMBA series.

“Josh is a supremely talented rider and we shouldn’t underestimate the significance of his decision to come on-board with us.

“We have always believed that our Battlecross range is up there amongst the very best in the sport and to obtain the confidence of a rider like Josh means a lot.

“Working with MXR as a retail partner to supply the tyres adds a further element of credibility, so this is a fantastic opportunity all round.”

Joshua first rode on the product at Brookthorpe earlier this year, winning the Bridgestone Cup thereafter.

Both parties were so impressed with one another that discussions immediately took place and have been ongoing up until the present day, where an agreement is now in place.

Josh added: “I was really impressed with the set up at Brookthorpe so I decided to enter the Bridgestone series. I was using other tyres for the weekend but I found out about the Bridgestone Cup, bought myself some Bridgestone tyres front and rear, won the race, then had a good talk with the guys at the company.

“The performance is insane and it is now my preferred choice of tyre. I have been very impressed with the grip and durability. I was actually surprised at how much control they gave me.

“Good tyres give you good confidence so I can push to my limits. They certainly help me shave seconds off my lap times, so I’m really excited about the future.”Joshua hopes to win the AMCA championship which is England based and the IMBA championship which is held in Belgium, Italy, France, Holland, England, Switzerland and Germany. 

And despite being deaf from birth, Josh doesn’t feel that his chances are hampered in any way in such an unforgiving sport.

“Yes, I am profoundly deaf and have been from birth. It was a hurdle I've had to overcome. I’ve been British champion a few times, so I’d like to think it has acted as an advantage. I'm certainly happy with my lifestyle. “It has definitely given me an extra drive to want to win. Hopefully I can be doing this with Bridgestone from now on.”

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"We have always believed that our Battlecross range is up there amongst the very best in the sport and to obtain the confidence of a rider like Josh means a lot."