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Bike wheels keep on turning!

01 March 2016

Valentino Rossi

Bridgestone is inflating its presence amongst bikers like never before in 2016, courtesy of an enhanced product portfolio, ‘ultra-competitive prices’ and over 98% availability for next day delivery.

With 14 years’ worth of MotoGP™ official tyre supplier experience under its belt, Bridgestone continues to transfer its track technology onto roads across the UK, with superior grip, handling and all-round premium performance provided as standard.

Each and every product is available through Bridgestone’s preferred service providers in the UK and the company is confident that its fortified range will be good enough for bikers seeking any application of tyre - whatever conditions are thrown at them.

Bridgestone will be grabbing the headlines in 2016 with the following high performance tyres:

Battlax Hypersport S21

The new Battlax Hypersport S21 radial delivers levels of performance you could only dream of – but now it’s for real.

With its impressive mix of proven wet technology and innovative new features, S21 is designed to get the best out of the latest sports machines in any conditions, with no compromise on safety and pleasure.

To develop Battlax S21, Bridgestone engineers took the renowned wet performance of S20 EVO and combined it with innovative new features to improve dry performance and increase mileage. Stability, handling and cornering have all been improved through a modified pattern that enhances tread rigidity and contact patch performance.

The front tyre is designed with a smaller crown profile for better handling and precision through corners without losing the superb neutral feeling, together with a triple-layer compound and high-stiffness bead fillers for optimum damping and stability.

The rear tyre has a larger crown profile which together with the optimised belt construction and groove positioning, upgrades the rear feeling and increases cornering stability. Less slip in the contact area reduces wear, adding to mileage.

Battlax Adventure A40

Another new tyre, the award winning Battlax Adventure A40, expands the all-weather potential of trail radials for the great number of bikers who ride their adventure machines primarily for on-road touring.

By fusing the MotoGP heritage of the Battlax brand with the proven performance of Battle Wing tyres, Bridgestone has created an Adventure tyre that delivers enhanced traction and stability, particularly on wet surfaces, and greater durability.  

The goal of Bridgestone engineers was to significantly improve Battle Wing’s dry and wet handling – without sacrificing its high-level stability and durability – giving adventure bikers greater pleasure and safety on all roads and in all conditions.

This has been achieved with Battlax Adventure A40, firstly by improving dry handling without loss of stability: a new front tyre profile produces a larger contact area at high lean angles for better cornering grip; larger tread blocks add stiffness for more cornering stability; and Bridgestone’s mono-spiral belt construction on the front

tyre improves shock absorption, for greater rider comfort and less fatigue.  

Two further sizes, ideal fitment for water-cooled bikes such as the BMW R1200 GS, are also available.

And in an ultimate endorsement for Bridgestone, the product scooped the wet weather test award by the renowned Motorrad Test Centre in Germany in September 2015.

The test was carried out in Italy on a BMW R1200 GS Adventure, and the Adventure A40 topped the results for wet weather braking performance, steering precision and edge grip.

Battlax V02 slick

Bridgestone’s Battlax V02 racing slick, designed for novice, medium & professional level riders alike and continues to grab the plaudits amongst track day riders and racers

As a successor to the V01, this MotoGP™ inspired tyre promises faster lap times and improved levels of grip, stability and control.

Advanced GP-Belt construction technology on the rear tyre – a MotoGP™ innovation – optimises the contact patch area and pressure, thus resulting in superior cornering grip.

And genuine contact feel throughout the turn means you know exactly when to push the limits, even at high lean angles.

Bridgestone developed new compounds for the Racing Battlax V02, meaning you can keep on achieving your fastest lap times over and over again, thanks to its softer, more wear-resistant compound. 

Battlax Touring T30 Evo

Meanwhile, Bridgestone has upgraded the wet performance of the Battlax T30 to provide a sport touring radial that delivers the ultimate combination of peace of mind, performance, versatility and excitement: Battlax Sport Touring T30 EVO.

Thanks to Bridgestone’s latest compound and tread design technologies, this has been achieved without sacrificing T30’s renowned dry-condition performance.

The T30 EVO has been developed in response to the growing number of motorcyclists who want a touring tyre that offers them the peace of mind of consistent and comfortable performance on wet and dry surfaces – yet still gives them plenty of sporty handling and fun. The technical aim for Bridgestone was therefore to maintain T30’s superb dry performance while upgrading its wet performance.

The technology behind the Battlax T30 EVO is paying dividends already, after the sport touring tyre also topped a wet weather tyre test by Motorrad last year.

Motorrad carried out the test at Bridgestone’s European proving ground in Rome, and the Battlax T30 EVO emerged as the clear winner – ahead of the likes of the Angel GT, RoadSmart II and Pilot Road 4.

Comprehensive range:

  • Battlax SC: Now in the second year of a three-year size expansion programme to match proliferation in the European scooter market.
  • Battlecross motocross range: The X20, X30 and X40 products represent Bridgestone’s most advanced motocross technology yet, helping to provide superior grip, speed and control across any terrain.

Bridgestone’s UK and Ireland motorcycle tyre sales manager Andrew Whitehead said: “We do believe that Bridgestone is the best brand for your business.

“Bridgestone boasts an enviable reputation for premium quality and our portfolio of products is amongst the very best in the industry.

“Not only this, but we believe that our ultra-competitive prices and over 98% availability for next day delivery makes us a compelling choice for more and more businesses.”

For more information, contact Ben Smallman on 07833 463195 or

"Bridgestone boasts an enviable reputation for premium quality and our portfolio of products is amongst the very best in the industry."