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Frequently Asked Questions

Your motorcycle tyre questions answered.

General Questions

Can OE tyres be fitted to a different make/model bike?

In some cases, Bridgestone approves the fitment of OE tyres on bikes other than the bike for which they were developed. If, after extensive testing, our development engineers and riders are convinced the modifications made to the standard version of the tyre also match the performance requirements of other bikes, these alternative models will be added to the list of recommendations.

Does Bridgestone manufacture Original Equipment (OE) motorcycle tyres?

Yes, Bridgestone manufactures Original Equipment (OE) tyres for a wide variety of motorcycles, developed in close co-operation with each manufacturer to optimise the handling of the bike in question. Bridgestone recommends that OE tyres be replaced like for like wherever possible.

How can I contact Bridgestone?

Contact Bridgestone in your country via the Contact Us option on this page.

How long can you keep tyres before they are unsafe to use?

A tyre has a manufacturer's guarantee of 5 years. So providing the tyre you have has been stored & treated correctly since it was manufactured, then it will be perfectly ok to use.

Is Nitrogen fills for my car tyres, also advisable for bike tyres?

Some people would say yes, some no. Nitrogen will only work 100% if it's filled in the tyre in a vacuum. If not then it's not 100% pure and will be mixed with air. It's not something we test with or indeed advise you use. For general road riding it doesn't really make much of a difference. From personal experience I used it when I was manager of a racing service for a large Italian tyre manufacturer but we only ever used it at one circuit in the UK, the other circuits didn't need it. So, if it's not needed during the extremes of use then it's probably not needed for normal use either. The benefit you will get is that the pressures will not drop as quickly so one will not need to check ones pressure as often, but if you do need to top them up, then you will either need a Nitrogen bottle at home or you will need to keep visiting your dealer, and usually there is a cost for the service.

What is the difference between the BT-016 and the BT-016 PRO?

Most notably the BT-016 PRO has a dual compound rear tyre as apposed to the 5 zone compound. The PRO also has the latest MotoGP technology in it so the all round performance is much improved, especially in the wet. Despite having much improved wet performance; durability and outright dry grip has not been compromised.

What is the difference between the BT-023 and the BT-023 GT?

Many people think there is only one type of radial and that a cross belt radial is actually a cross ply, it’s not. A radial tyre, both the MSB and the Cross Belt has a body ply that is set at 90 degrees to the circumferential rotation of the tyre (see illustrations below for both tyres). You will see both types of tyre have the 90 degree body ply. The difference between the two is the MSB (Mono Spiral Belt on the bottom illustration) and the Cross Belt (on the top illustration). The MSB has one cord, usually steel, that winds continually from one side of the tyre to the other The Cross Belt simply has cross belts that sit on top of the 90 degree body ply. These two types of belts determine the “stiffness” of the tyre with the cross belt version (GT spec front) being more pliable. This gives the tyre improved self damping properties. Suspension on a large touring machine is designed to work differently to the suspension on a race replica sports bike. A touring bikes’ suspension is designed to offer refinement and smoothness so the improved self damping properties of the GT spec BT-023 work in unison with the touring bikes suspension – fit a stiff MSB radial and the suspension will be overworked creating a harsh unstable ride. Of course the ride quality will also depend on the quality of the suspension; the axle weights and the overall design of the bike so not all bikes will benefit from GT spec BT-023’s …Check the online fitment guide for conformation for your particular motorcycle.

What Kind of mileage can I expect from a set of BT-023’s?

If you are concerned with durability the BT-023, is definitely the right tyre to be considering. It is a fantastic all rounder and the mileage potential is pretty amazing. Of course the actual mileage will vary depending on Bike, riding style, tyre pressures and so on. But we have been running these on a Triumph Tiger 1050 and have seen over 9,000 miles.

Where can I buy Bridgestone motorcycle tyres?

For sales locations throughout Europe, please refer to our Dealer Locator

Where can I get a Bridgestone motorcycle tyre fitment guide or brochure?

First check with your local tyre dealer for more information. If this is not successful, contact your local Bridgestone office via the Contact Us option on this page.

Which Bridgestone Motorcycle Tyre is best for my bike?

Our Tyre Selector provides a comprehensive list of Bridgestone Motorcycle Tyres by make and model of bike, size and riding style. You can also ask your local dealer or mechanic for recommendations.